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Build Your Clinical Confidence

We get it. We’ve been in Your Shoes. Sometimes you need a little refresher.
Finally, a program that gives you what you need for real world decision making. Ready to take your confidence to the next level?

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What We Do

Our mission is to support the professional development and success of nurse practitioner students by boosting clinical confidence.

Our innovative approach focuses on practical application and real-world decision-making skills, ensuring your students graduate as confident NPs.

A healthcare professional is giving a presentation on abdominal pain and medical assessment. The slide includes an image of the digestive system and text: "The Patient with Abdominal Pain," alongside the logo "EG Prep Education.

Approach to the patient with Abdominal Pain

A graphic with text "The Patient with Hypertension" features a patient checking their blood pressure, a speaker gesturing, and the logo "EG Prep Education.

Approach to the patient with Hypertension

An image header with the "EG Prep Education" logo, titled "The Patient with Chest Pain," features a person grasping their chest and two people at a booth with a "Primary Care" logo, illustrating an approach to addressing patient chest pain.

Approach to the patient with Chest Pain

A speaker gives a presentation on sore throat treatment at a medical event. Text on the left reads "The Patient with Sore Throat" under the "EG Prep Education" logo.

Approach to the patient with a Sore Throat

Presentation slide featuring the title "The Patient with Cough," a medical logo for EG Prep Education, an image of illuminated lungs, and a person in medical attire smiling. This detailed approach to cough highlights effective coughing treatments.

Approach to the patient with Cough

Graphic titled "The Patient Approach to Joint Pain" showing an illustration of a person with highlighted joints and a photo of a presenter speaking at a podium.

Approach to the patient with Joint Pain

Title slide for EG Prep Education's "Intro to Documentation" with images of a person presenting at a podium and another holding documents, showcasing the strategic approach to mastering essential skills.

Approach to Documentation

A presentation slide titled "The Patient with Dizziness" features a woman with a headache illustration and a speaker gesturing during the talk about medical approaches, with the EG Prep Education logo in the corner.

Approach to the patient with Dizziness

A presentation slide titled "Management of the Patient with Back Pain" features medical imaging of a spine and a photo of a person speaking at a podium.

Approach to the patient with Back Pain