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Build Your Clinical Confidence

We get it. We’ve been in Your Shoes. Sometimes you need a little refresher.

Finally, a program that gives you what you need for real world decision making.

Ready to take your confidence to the next level?

Topics Include:

A healthcare professional is giving a presentation on abdominal pain and medical assessment. The slide includes an image of the digestive system and text: "The Patient with Abdominal Pain," alongside the logo "EG Prep Education.
A graphic with text "The Patient with Hypertension" features a patient checking their blood pressure, a speaker gesturing, and the logo "EG Prep Education.
An image header with the "EG Prep Education" logo, titled "The Patient with Chest Pain," features a person grasping their chest and two people at a booth with a "Primary Care" logo, illustrating an approach to addressing patient chest pain.
A speaker gives a presentation on sore throat treatment at a medical event. Text on the left reads "The Patient with Sore Throat" under the "EG Prep Education" logo.
Presentation slide featuring the title "The Patient with Cough," a medical logo for EG Prep Education, an image of illuminated lungs, and a person in medical attire smiling. This detailed approach to cough highlights effective coughing treatments.

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Unlock your full potential as a Nurse Practitioner

Look no further. Our courses are designed just for you!

Unlimited Access to Our Entire Library. Our library includes the most common chief complaints and other topics relevant to primary care

Continuous Content Refresh we are constantly adding more videos to the collection so that you can stay updated

Charting Tools Downloadable Templates for your charts

CE’s for every course our courses are accredited by AANP and you will earn credit as you learn

Progress Tracking Monitor your learning journey with intuitive progress indicators.

Flexible Learning Schedule: Access content anytime, anywhere to fit your busy lifestyle.

Certificate of Completion: Receive certificates for courses completed to showcase your achievements.

Community Access: Join a network of peers for collaboration, discussion, and support on our interactive app.

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Real World Approach

Our focus on Chief Complaints ensures you are prepared for what you will face in the clinical setting

Proprietary Decision-Making Tool

Our clinical decision tool guides you to make informed, effective patient assessments.

Documentation Made Easy

We don’t just teach documentation; we equip you with the tools. Our experts created ready-made PDF templates to enhance your charting.



You will get:

  • Downloadable Templates for your charts
  • CE’s for every course
  • Progress Tracking
  • Flexible Learning Schedule
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructors are all Practicing Clinical Experts

Topics Include

  • Approach to the Patient with Dizziness
  • Approach to Documentation
  • Approach to the Patient with Back Pain
  • Approach to the Patient with Chest Pain
  • Approach to the Patient with Joint Pain
  • Approach to the Patient with Throat Pain
  • Approach to the Patient with Cough
  • Approach to the Patient with a Headache
  • Approach to the Patient with Hypertension
  • Approach to the Patient with Ab Pain

Why EG Prep?

  • Practical Focus

    Chief complaint-centered for real-world clinical skills.

  • Unique Clinical Decision Tool

    Learn our proprietary formula to decide if your patient can be managed in your office or referred out.

  • Monthly Access

    Come back to the videos any time you need a refresher.

  • Documenting Templates

    Document like a pro with downloadable charting templates.

  • Confidence in Practice

    Turn your book knowledge into real world know-how.

  • Fresh Topics

    We are constantly adding new content to keep your learning current and relevant.

Ready to Get Started? Want to Learn More?


A group of people with a stethoscope in front of a red and black background.



We get it.

We see patients every day. In our primary care practice, EG Healthcare, our NPs take care of over 20,000 patients. So we know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in your shoes, and we designed this program directly from our experience in the real world.

Efrat LaMandre PhD, FNP-C

Efrat LaMandre, owns and operates EG Healthcare, which provides pediatric, adult, and geriatric care to over 20,000 patients. Dr. E also serves as the chair of the Staten Island Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees.

In addition, she founded a Medical Scribe company, HawkScribes and serves as Clinical Faculty at Wagner College.

Gina LaMandre PA-C

Gina LaMandre PA-C is a specialist professor at West Coast University Physician Assistant Program. Previously she served as the coordinator of Didactic Education at Monmouth University. Prior to her position at Monmouth University, she was the director of clinical education for one of the largest PA programs in the country, at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Clinically she worked at Robert Wood Johnson Emergency Department for ten years and in a Community Health Clinic for the Underserved Population for 6 years. In addition to her work in PA programs, she is a frequent lecturer in many Nurse Practitioner conferences and institutions.

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